Pipe Scaffolding


Swing Staging carries a wide inventory of Pipe Scaffolding and Systems Scaffolding equipment. You have a choice of regular pipe scaffolding frames to special masonry scaffolding frames, systems scaffolding components, regular width and narrow frames, walk-through to ladder-types, regular painted or galvanized, from 3-feet high to your regular 6-feet high, we have them. We also have thousands of aluminum platform decks from 8-feet long to 10-feet long and OSHA planks, both 10-feet and 13-feet lengths. We have in stock a complete line of side-arm brackets, 7-foot or 8-foot stair units, shoring posts of various heights and fire-retardant netting. We have every component you’ll need to set-up a complete and safe pipe scaffolding or systems scaffolding structure.
Complementing our line of pipe and system scaffolding components are sidewalk bridging equipment. We have a full line of header and junior beams of various lengths, sidewalk shed legs of various heights, corrugated sheets, cross braces and green hemlock planks that last a really long time under the elements.
Pipe Scaffolding Equipment for Every Job!
Specialized components used to aid in the use of scaffolding as a temporary structure often include heavy duty load bearing transoms, scaffolding ladders or stairway units for the ingress and egress of the scaffold, beams ladder/unit types used to span obstacles, and rubbish chutes used to remove unwanted materials from the scaffold or construction project.

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